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26 February

The Pain That Indicee Solves… Metaphorically Speaking

If any of you follow my personal quasi-blog on Posterous, you will know that I’m a big fan of the Cohen Brothers movies and in particular “The Hudsucker Proxy“. While researching for my last post, Think Like a Reporter, I … Read more

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18 February

Olympic Spirit in the Workplace

Being a Vancouver company located right in the heart of downtown, we are living and breathing the Olympic spirit right now! We look out our window and see this: So, hopefully, you can forgive the indulgence of another post with … Read more

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15 February

Vancouver Welcomes the World to the 2010 Olympics

A decade long journey has finally brought the arrival of the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver. This past Friday the opening ceremonies officially kicked off the 21st Winter Olympics in our fair city. Canada has previously hosted two Olympics, Montreal in … Read more

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