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02 April

5 of the Costliest Spreadsheet Blunders (and How to Avoid Them)

Anyone using spreadsheets as their primary source of business intelligence (BI) should be wearing one of those nuclear, biological and chemical protection suits. In the analytics environment, spreadsheets are a hazard to enterprise BI and should be handled with great … Read more

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25 March

Escape from Excel Hell

The use of spreadsheets to deliver insightful analysis is like walking up a down escalator: you feel like you’re heading in the right direction, but in reality you’re almost standing still. The problem with spreadsheets is that you spend a … Read more

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07 May

Dashboards Made Easy

Turn your spreadsheet slogging into this: Share Your Story What does it take for you to build a business intelligence dashboard in Excel? Enjoy!

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31 March

Quarter End Reporting – A Time for Reflection

It’s that time again! The big push for end of quarter. Salespeople are hitting up every lukewarm lead in their Contact List. The Accounting Department is hounding vendors for invoices, customers for payments, and internal folks for every last bit … Read more

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09 October

Spreadsheet Nation

The idea was simple enough, write a short post about the role of spreadsheets in organizations.  More accurately, write about the role of Excel in organizations. I’m trying to provide a frame of reference from which readers can gain perspective … Read more

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