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10 March

Accounting for IT in the Finance Department

An Interview with Wendy Van Donkelaar; CFO at MAKE Technologies Last week, we were talking with Cheni Yerushalmi, co-counder of Sunshine Suites, about Measuring What Matters.  I think the main takeaway, from an Indicee point of view, is that the … Read more

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23 December

The Importance of Stories

This time of year provides tremendous illustrations of the power and importance of stories.  From the stories that constitute our most core personal beliefs of the holiday season to those that detail running the gauntlet of inclement weather and travel … Read more

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09 December

Running the gauntlet of Year End Business Reporting

Last week, as I was attending the annual IDC Predictions Telebriefing for 2010, I think I finally realized the true difference between Accounting and Marketing.  The difference is that while Marketing is already thinking well into 2010, the Accounting Department … Read more

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04 December

Business Reporting ≠ Dishwasher Job

A friend, he was in Sales at the time, explained to me his reasoning for getting out; to pursue an MBA and leave Sales.  He said that in Sales, “you’re just a waitress” for the business.  He was tired of … Read more

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11 November

Bringing Design Thinking to Accounting and Finance

There’s a lot of Buzz around the concept of Design Thinking at the moment. A great deal of content has been produced, but I’m not sure how much has been directed toward the accounting and finance community. During the past 2 years for us, listening to someone talk about “radical innovation” usually entailed mostly hand-wringing and, well, … expletives. It’s understandable to have missed some of this. Read more

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