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10 March

Accounting for IT in the Finance Department

An Interview with Wendy Van Donkelaar; CFO at MAKE Technologies Last week, we were talking with Cheni Yerushalmi, co-counder of Sunshine Suites, about Measuring What Matters.  I think the main takeaway, from an Indicee point of view, is that the … Read more

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09 December

Running the gauntlet of Year End Business Reporting

Last week, as I was attending the annual IDC Predictions Telebriefing for 2010, I think I finally realized the true difference between Accounting and Marketing.  The difference is that while Marketing is already thinking well into 2010, the Accounting Department … Read more

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06 January

Hello 2009

Thank you for making 2008 a great year for Indicee business intelligence software.  We began 2008 with a small but talented team, a simple product prototype, limited funds and a few ideas on go to market strategies that would turn … Read more

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