The April BI Round-Up

Necktie with Tradeshow Delegate BadgeIt’s events season! The Gartner BI Summit in LA, Big Data Week and the Cloud Analytics Summit all took place in April. As ever, these events prompted much debate around the value of cloud computing in the BI space, adoption rates and, of course, understanding “Big Data”.

Here’s our round-up of the best news, views and events from the last month:

BI, Performance Management Software Market Surpassed $12B via eWeek
Worldwide revenue in the market for business intelligence, analytic applications and performance management software rose 16 percent to $12.2 billion in 2011, and was the second-fastest growing sector in the overall worldwide enterprise software market, according to a new report from Gartner. Dan Sommer, Principal Analyst, predicts that cloud, mobile, social and big data will play a key role in increased adoption over the next 10 years.

Look Who’s Going to the Big Data Party via E-Commerce Times
All the major SaaS BI players (including the Indicee team) came out for the Cloud Analytics Summit last week. Here, Jeff Kaplan explains why the theme was Capitalizing on BI & Big Data in the Cloud, and provides a good overview of the market.

Big Data = BI + ADD via Enterprise Irregulars
This wins our “favorite Big Data article of the month” award, hands down. Inspired by a trip to the Cloud Analytics Summit, Bob Warfield talks about how the problems Big Data is focused on are not actually that hard to solve. The challenge isn’t dealing with high data volumes, it’s knowing what questions to ask…

… which leads us to Why B-Schools Should Teach Business Intelligence via Bloomberg Businessweek. As commentary around the predicted shortfall of analytical skills continues, here’s one of a few articles this month looking at potential solutions. While some thought leaders are focusing on how technology can help by making BI tools easier to use (something we talk about a lot at Indicee), Daniel Connolly suggests that business schools should be providing analytics programs to help address the shortage. In short, students need to be taught how to ask the right questions. The Wall Street Journal also offers up a nice balance of opinion on the potential problem and possible solutions, in Big Data’s Big Problem: Little Talent.

BI Mashups with Indicee via The Indicee Blog
We loved the recent BI Mashups video whiteboard put together by Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research at TechTarget. In his 3 minute overview, Wayne talks about gadgetizing the various outputs of the BI process and placing them into libraries so they can be mashed together on the fly. This idea of making the different BI components shareable and reusable is something we get pretty excited about at Indicee. So, we wanted to demonstrate how we’re putting the theory into practice and enabling business users to mash together components at almost every stage of the BI process. Indicee CTO , Luke Evans, shows you how.


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